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Our History 

Our Founder

International Psychic Medium Ericka Boussarhane is highly respected for her amazing ability to communicate with loved ones from the other side. Ericka has helped countless people with issues in relationships, grief, career, family, health, finance, death, crime, business, and more. She owns several businesses and events that help others with their holistic, psychic, metaphysical, and educational goals.

Pensacola Para Con AKA Pensacola Comic Convention

She founded one of the first African American female-owned comic conventions in the US, the Pensacola Comic Convention.

The multi genres convention covers science fiction, horror, fantasy, gaming, anime, costuming, indie films, artists, celebrities, comics, Renaissance, cosplay, steampunk, theater, performing, literature, publishing, arts, mystery, collecting, model construction, film making, and paranormal.

Pensacola History and Hauntings Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Tours

She provides fully equipped paranormal events and tours at some of the most haunted locations in Pensacola and nearby areas.

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Ericka with Patti

In Memory to  Ed & Pattie Krakowski

Celebrity Guests of our Paranormal Events & Tours

  • George Noory of Coast to Coast AM Radio,

  • Scott Tepperman of “Ghost Hunters International,

  • Brian Joseph Harnois of Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters and Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters International,

  • Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio, 

  • Christopher and Philip Booth of Spooked TV,

  • Patrick Burns of Haunted Evidence,

  • Brad and Barry Klinge of Ghost Lab,

  • Ghost Brothers Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey,

  • Chip Coffey of Paranormal State, Kindred Spirits, Psychic Kids,

  • Ericka Boussarhane Psychic Medium of Second Sight TV,

  • Brian J. Cano of Haunted Collector,

  • Ken Gerhard American of The Unexplained Files,  In Search of Monsters,

  • Tennessee Wraith Chasers

  • Ghost Asylum,

  • Raymond Moody,

  • Dave Lapham,

  • Ari Lehman,

  • RJ Haddy,

  • Richard Epcar,

  • Cindy Morgan,

  • Jason Faunt,

  • Jim O'Rear,

  • Ari Lehman,

  • Michael Berryman,

  • Lou Ferrigno,

  • Erin Cahill,

  • Jason Faunt,

  • Erika Eleniak,

  • C. Thomas Howell,

  • Fred Williams,

  • Robin Shelby,

  • Gil Gerard,

  • Sonny Strait,

  • Cleve Hall,

  • Oliver Robins,

  • Ari Lehman.

  • Eric Roberts,

  • Lori Petty,

  • Karyn Parsons,

  • Tatyana Ali,

  • Jennifer Rhodes,

  • Jim Tavaré

  • Greg Cipes,

  • Teddy Long,

  • Michael Copon,

  • Hilary Shepard,

  • Michael Jai White,

  • Larry Wilcox,

  • Rocky Johnson,

  • 501st Legion


  • Adrian Paul, (Highlander, War of the Worlds)

  • Corbin Bernsen ( (L.A. Law, Psych, The Dentist, Major League),

  • Ciara Hanna (Power Rangers Megaforce),

  • Johnny Yong Bosch (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach),

  • Tim Russ Star Trek: Voyager, Fall Out 4, ICarly),

  • Gary Schwartz (Team Fortress, Demoman, Star Trek, Batman Returns)

  • Robert LaSardo (Death Race, CSI Miami, Nip Tuck),

  • Larry Nemecek ("Dr. Trek" Star Trek Continues)

  • Dave Fennoy ("Lee Everett" Walking Dead, Hulu, Prototype, The Wolf Among Us)

  • Erika Ervin ("Amazon Eve" American Horror Story),

  • Eugene A. Clark ("Big Daddy" Land of the Dead)

  • Jeremy Palko ( The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries),

  • Justin Kucsulain (The Walking Dead, Bloodlines)

  • Gulf South Wrestling Reunion

  • Jerry Stubbs,

  • Robert Fuller,

  • Bullet Bob Armstrong,

  • Alex Vincent (Child's Play, Curse of Chucky),

  • Zach Galligan (Gremlins, Star Trek, Hatchet),

  • William Katt (The Greatest American Hero),

  • Michael Beck (Warriors, Xanadu),

  • Jerrad Vunovich (Walking Dead, Hunger Games, American Horror Story),

  • Corbin Bernsen, (L.A. Law), (Psych), (The Dentist), (Major League),

  • Scott Steiner AKA (Big Poppa Pump), (The Big Bad Booty Daddy), (Freakzilla),Genetic Freak- Pro Wrestler,

  • Hector David Jr. (Power Rangers Samurai), (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief),

  • Rick Cosnett (The Flash), (Vampire Diaries), (Quantico),

  • Eddie Deezen (Grease), (Grease 2), (Midnight Madness), (1941), and (WarGames),

  • Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean), (CSI), (Scrubs), (Bones), and (Charmed),

  • Ann Marie Crouch (Princess Shayla), (Power Rangers),

  • John Mangus (Jurassic World), (Fantastic Four), (Hot Tub Time Machine 2), True Detective, Escape Plan,

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