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Psychic Readings


She sees and talks to dead people. The other side shares amazing stories of love, healing, and life beyond the grave.

International psychic medium Ericka Boussarhane, a.k.a. the “Psychic Diva”, is an author, radio personality, speaker, film producer, event planner, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur. She has become the go-to for even her peers for her accurate, empowering sessions, and Ericka has amassed a global following of people from all walks of life. She is a deceased kidney organ transplant recipient, an interesting fact given her talents.

Ericka has been featured on national radio stations across the globe, including CBS Radio, Coast to Coast AM, I Heart Media, Cumulus, and Clear Channel.  She is the resident psychic for the nationally syndicated 'Lex and Terry' morning radio show. Her psychic abilities have been profiled on national TV shows such as Discovery Channel’s 'Forbidden: Dying for Love', Syfy’s 'Ghost Hunters', Second Sight Paranormal TV, and more.

Ericka appears on Second Sight TV with her team Second Sight Paranormal and Forensic Services. The team explores hauntings, urban legends, unsolved mysteries, true crime, and paranormal activity across the country. Ericka is also the owner of Pensacola History & Hauntings, where she offers paranormal investigations, ghost tours, and spooky events. She is also the founder of one of the first African American female-owned comic conventions in the U.S., the Pensacola Comic Convention.

She is a successful filmmaker and director whose creative films and documentaries have won awards at film festivals worldwide. Her work has been featured on major streaming services such as Films can be seen on Amazon Prime Video, Xumo, TCL, Popsy on Plex, Tubi, Paraflixx, Stream Go Media, Nuclear Home Video, Reveel, Amazon Prime Video, Mometu, Box Brazil Play, Filmzie, EmBlazeTV, Play Now Media, Roku, OverDrive, Amazon Fire, Apple, Vimeo, Occultrama, BingeHorror, Caliber Video, and more! She is featured in several publications including Natural Awakenings, Oracle 20/20, and Newsweek.

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