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What   Can   You   Expect   From   the   Tour?

The tour is specifically designed for people who enjoy haunted places and creepypastas. The only difference here is that these haunted places and stories are more than just creepypastas. For hundreds of years, people have experienced paranormal occurrences in Pensacola and they have shared their stories. You are going to hear those stories while you are on Pensacola Ghost Tour with us.


Our well-informed guides will inform you of the history and backstory of each of the places you visit. They are also going to make sure the tour is both informational and entertaining for everyone.


You are also going to see haunted places from hundreds of years ago. In addition to seeing these exceptional places, you will also lunch and dine in some of the spookiest restaurants.


You will also get a chance to meet some of our local "paranormal celebrities paranormal team"  who have spent their lives in their respective field.


Our Pensacola Ghost Tours offer a unique experience. If you are traveling from anywhere outside Pensacola, then you get to enjoy a unique haunted experience, unlike any other location. Going to restaurants, visiting the mall, and doing other usual activities can get boring and repetitive. We offer something unique and different for people visiting from outside Pensacola. Our Ghost Tours is going to make them remember their trip forever.


It makes for a perfect birthday gift for your friend who is into horror and paranormal stuff.

We offer adults-only ghost tours in Pensacola as well. So if you and your friends are looking for a haunted experience then look no further than our ghost tours. We offer specifically designed Ghost Tours in Pensacola for both individuals and groups.


This is not just a tour it is an experience. You will enjoy the above-mentioned things and many more.

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Seville   Quarter   Haunted   Ghost   Tour   and   Lunch

3 ghost stairs.jpg

Do YOU dare dine inside one of Pensacola’s oldest buildings at the MOST HAUNTED restaurant?

  • Take a break from the sun at Haunted Seville Quarter Pensacola’s Premier Entertainment Complex.

Do YOU dare eat lunch in Pensacola's MOST HAUNTED and one of its oldest restaurants?

  •  Listen as your guide weaves tales of ghosts, debauchery, murder, mayhem, and paranormal activities of downtown Historic Pensacola.

  • We will provide ghost hunting equipment, but feel free to bring your own!

  • Be careful! You may be joined for lunch by uninvited ghosts.

  • Menu

  • Tax will be added at the time of purchase

  • Lunch or Dinner Gratuity is not included

Spirits are not just what is on the menu, this haunted restaurant has more than just spirits on tap.


Meet your guide inside the Palace Cafe in Seville Quarter Seville Quarter

130 East Government St.

Historic Pensacola, Florida 32502

Haunted History:

  • Seville QuarterSeville has been sitting on Government Street since 1871, when the main building was the Pensacola Cigar and Tobacco Co. However, the business of this building hasn’t always been the most honorable. Being just a few blocks from the docks, Seville Quarter was a central part of Pensacola’s red light district, and the second floor of Seville may have been used for this purpose “off the books” even into the 1930s. On two separate occasions, strange women have been seen by Seville employees on the second floor. Then there is Seville Quarter’s resident ghost, Wesley Gibbs. Wesley was a bartender at Rosie’s in the early 1990s and after his shift, one night went into the cooler to escape the heat. He suffered from a heart attack in the cooler and died at 27 years old.“About 15 years ago I was in Rosie O’Grady’s bathroom upstairs trying on Mardi Gras costumes when I felt someone in the room with me. I saw a woman wearing a white, puffed-sleeved dress. Eight years ago our graphic designer Ryan Little saw a woman wearing a velvet cape standing in front of her desk. She said she could see the transparent silhouette of the woman and the dust particles in the light. Wesley is our resident ghost. Since I’ve been working here for 10 years, he’s done things like turn radios and the copier in the hallway on. He’s very mischievous. I tell him to knock it off.” -Nancy Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant, Seville Quarter.

The  Imogene   Halloween Convention   &
Paranormal   Ghost Investigations   


The Imogene Halloween Convention & Paranormal Ghost Investigations   


The Imogene Theatre is a small timely open stage theatre that was opened in October of 1913 by the president of Milton's First National Bank. The president decided to open this new auditorium because four years prior to opening it, there was a great fire that destroyed most of Milton's commercial district and the president felt a new auditorium was necessary. When the building first opened it was titled the Milton Opera House. The early shows that made it to the opera house were mostly made up of traveling shows and silent moving pictures, the very first being The Passion Play, a depiction of the life of Christ. By 1921, the opera house was bought out by Mr. Gooch and was renamed the Imogene Theatre, after his younger daughter. Sadly, Mr. Gooch died months after the purchase but the name stuck.


By 1938, the Imogene Theatre became the first building in Milton to have central air conditioning. With the increasing amounts of technology and the creation of sound and color films, the Imogene projected its screens with classic movies. Some of the popular are Gone With the Wind and the Wizard of Oz. While these pictures were being shown upstairs, the first floor was being used as a retail space and was even home to the Milton Post Office for about 30 years. The theatre closed down years later in 1946 when a newer theatre was opened up down the road and the first floor became vacant in 1980.


In the years to follow, the Imogene Theatre had become old and decrepit. With a failing roof and plaster peeling off the building, it looked like an end to the once great theatre. But, in 1985 the building was purchased by the Santa Rosa Historical Society. The building was then restored by the historical society, with the help of some state grants, and was reopened in 1987.

After almost 100 years after the original fire that inspired the creation of the theatre, Downtown Milton was struck by another fire that badly damaged the theatre in 2009. Luckily with the help of over seven fire departments, the fire was put out and the building was saved. Many saw this fire as a blessing, as it gave the historical society a chance to properly restore the theatre to how it looked when it first opened.

Since the Imogene has been fully restored and is open to the public. The first floor of the theatre is now utilized as a museum that tells of all the hardships and wonders that the theatre had faced in the past. The second for is still used as a theatre with many different events. The Imogene now hosts swing dancing events, high school jazz concerts that are open to the public, and even some movie nights. This small two-story theatre is a great place for family fun and can even be rented out for private events. Located in the center of downtown Milton and across the street from the Blackwater River, the theatre is the perfect place for community outreach and entertainment.


Haunted History:

The Imogene Theater, 6866 Caroline St., Milton, suffered heavy structural damage in January 2009 from a devastating fire but was rebuilt several years later. This does not prevent people from seeing a man walking on the balcony or the ghost of young Imogene Gooch, the daughter of the man who bought the theater in the 1920s and the building’s namesake.

Fort   Morgan   Paranormal   Investigation   and   Historic   Tour

fort morgan.jpg

Fort Morgan is one of Alabama’s most haunted places. We will provide ghost hunting equipment, but feel free to bring your own! Audio equipment & digital cameras are allowed. See what ghosts haunt the location!

Haunted History:

There are many haunted places located throughout Alabama, including historic homes, cemeteries, restaurants, hospitals and more. One of the state’s most haunted places in Fort Morgan—a historic masonry star fort that’s located along the Gulf Coast at the mouth of Mobile Bay, Alabama.

The construction of Fort Morgan began in 1819 and was completed in 1834. Its unique star shape made it much easier to defend. When Fort Morgan was built, it was considered the "finest example of military architecture in the New World."

During the Civil War, Fort Morgan experienced the heavy fire. While the Battle of Mobile Bay took place, the Union set the fort on fire. This historic battle resulted in many deaths.

Fort Morgan has definitely seen its fair share of ghosts. One of the most haunted areas of Fort Morgan is the old barracks. In 1917, a prisoner committed suicide by hanging himself in the barracks of the fort. Since then, many people have reported hearing him cry during the late-night hours.

Also, during the Civil War, a bomb went off in a room of the fort, killing many men. These men can still be heard screaming at night.

The ghost that many people are most familiar with is the one that belongs to a young woman. This woman was attacked sometime during the 19th century, and according to local lore, she still roams Fort Morgan looking for her attacker. All she wants is justice.


Fort Morgan is one of Alabama's true hidden gems. If you've never visited this historic battle site, make plans to do so. You won't be disappointed

 Ghost   Investigation at   Haunted   Pensacola   Victorian   Inn

1 Victorian.jpg

We will provide ghost hunting equipment, but feel free to bring your own! Audio equipment & digital cameras are allowed.

Pensacola Victorian Bed & Breakfast

203 W Gregory St,

Pensacola, FL 32502


Haunted History:

  • Built by ship captain William Northup in the 1890s, this inn is home to some mysterious happenings. Witnesses have heard sounds with no apparent source, including classical music and children playing and giggling. The apparition of a woman in a Victorian nightgown has been noted, and the smells of cooking breakfast have been detected long before the kitchen was open.

Ghost   Hunting   101

We want you to experience what other people have experienced. We want you to get in the shoes of the people who have claimed to see and experience paranormal experiences in Pensacola. This is why we don’t just show you haunted places and tell you the back story. We also give you the opportunity to enjoy a little more hands on experience.

We have a wide range of equipment we use to investigate paranormal activities. You can either use any of our equipment or you are also welcome to bring yours. You can investigate the paranormal occurrences yourself as well. The guide will explain the readings and measurements you see on our devices. However, we warn you to be careful. You don’t want to disturb the spirits and ghosts wandering in the corridors of these buildings.

Once you feel the presence of the unknown you are never going to forget this experience. This is why our tours are one of the most loved ghost tours in Florida.

4 ghost.png